I Was Going to Do Yoga Today…

…but then I remembered that I’m lazy and it’s cold out and if I must go outside, it should be for brunch. So that’s what I did.

Now I’m watching the House marathon and have no intentions of doing anything else til bedtime. I know this is probably more excitement than anyone can really handle, but listen: Not every day is full of infestation and booze.

If it were, we’d be living in the Middle Ages. And remember, there was no such thing as Wii or the iPhone or Twitter in the Middle Ages.

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

3 thoughts on “I Was Going to Do Yoga Today…

  1. Sounds remarkably like my Sunday:

    Me [Saturday night]: I’m totally going running tomorrow morning.
    Me [Sunday morning]: I slept an hour longer than I intended and it’s homicidally cold outside. Rather than run, I’m going to watch smart cop ladies terrorize their suspects into confession.

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