More Info Than You Requested

I’m too lazy to find it, but a couple months back, a commenter mentioned that I’ll probably freak out when I reach menopause, because I love talking about my period so much. I’m hoping this isn’t true. My Mom seems to have enjoyed being free of her lady time. She celebrated with buying all new underpants and going on a diet and appears to be happier and healthier than ever. However, I’m not sure she felt the same way about the whole menstruation business as I do.

I love my period. I love the excuse for being lazy and taking naps and eating large chunks of bloody cow. I love having a reason for being bitchy and paranoid and I love losing five pounds in the course of a day without doing a single sit-up or running a single solitary mile on the treadmill.

But most of all, I love embarrassing the hell out of people.

Someday, scientists will discover that embarrassment is genetic and I will get the embarrassment titer only to discover that I am missing that gene entirely. I think it’s funny when people are squeamish about bodily functions and the language that describes them and God help you if I ever meet you in real life, dear reader, and I perceive that you are missish about teh Moon Time. I’m proud to have humiliated everyone from Duane Reade cashiers to bodega-haunting drug dealers in my time as a fertile female, and, assuming that I have another fifteen to twenty years of this left, I figure I can disturb many, many more folks before I stop bleeding.

The last time I was home my friend Kate mentioned that I told her most of what she knew about periods when we were kids, because I started early and was happy to talk about it. I expressed surprise.

“OK, I was early, but there were other fifth graders,” I said. “Something to do with hormones in our chicken nuggets, I think.”

“Yeah, but they were ashamed,” Kate said. “You were happy to talk about it. Like, we couldn’t get you to stop.”

My sister claims that the bulk of my charm is in the fact that I never, ever change, and provided that you find any of these behaviors charming, I guess she’s right.

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

One thought on “More Info Than You Requested

  1. I think that may have been me, that made that comment.

    But I am also too lazy to go check.

    I’m one of those weird males who is totally comfortable talking about the chunks of bloody tissue falling out of your crotch. So, if i’m ever in NYC again, and we go out for beers, i’ll be sure to ask how your last period went over appetizers.

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