Today in Delusional D-baggery

I think it’s safe to say that if this guy weren’t married, he’d never be getting any ever again. He still might not. After all, the whole name of his article is The Affairs of Men: The Trouble With Sex and Marriage. I think it’s totally possible that his wife is pretty grossed out by him, too.

My favorite part of this piece, also highlighted by Jennie Smash girl-crush Jezebel, follows:

Sitting in Schiller’s, I … suggested that we could change sexual norms to, say, encourage New York waitresses to look on being mistresses as a cool option.

Bear in mind that this dude is 52 years old. I admit to reading the whole thing with one hand over my eyes, as if looking at an eclipse through a piece of cardboard, but I’m pretty sure he never once mentions that these cute little hipster waitresses might not be on the lookout for married dudes who are the same age as their fathers. Ew. EW!

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2 thoughts on “Today in Delusional D-baggery

  1. This was one of the stupidest, most sexist articles this magazine has run in a long time. I’d like them to give fair time for a woman to write a rebuttal.

  2. Two comments:

    1. I don’t know what sort of credentials the people at the Kinsey Institute have – the author doesn’t list any and I’m too lazy to look it up – but to my count, he only spoke to one academically qualified source about the subject, and that’s bogus. There’s no science in that piece; just a lot speculation by people who are projecting their own experiences on to a broader group. I discredit the piece on that alone.

    2. The lesson seems to be that there are a whole group of men who are stuck in marriages with no sex, looking to break out by having affairs (preferably without their wives having affairs of their own). If that’s the case, then my counter-question would be: if you’re that unhappy, why are you married? Divorce your life, end the lie your marriage is built on, and go out and try and find that (possibly, because there’s no scientific data) mythical group of women who are all about free love with no attached strings and live it up. Furthermore, for those men worried about that level of commitment who are unmarried, stay that way. No one’s forcing you to make the commitment, so instead of whining about it afterwards, stay single.

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