Mystery for the Ages

Why do all hairdressers want to cut your hair short?

I went to get my hairs trimmed on Thursday, and my lady sat me in a chair and fanned my hair out around my shoulders and then looked, sourfaced, into the mirror.

“Are you still trying to grow it?”

“Not exactly,” I said. “I just want to keep it about the same length.”

She blew her own bangs up. “I liked it short.”



“Well,” I said. “I like it long and so does my fella. So – no offense – I think you lose.”

It’s a good point, right? Anyway, my hair’s still long.

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

2 thoughts on “Mystery for the Ages

  1. This is funny because I always feel slightly uncomfortable about going to my hairdresser, because of her vaguely unnatural attachment to my hair. Which, actually, is short. “I LOVE cutting your hair!!!” “uhhh…thank!s why?” “because it’s short! and fun!”


    I think it’s a hairdresser conspiracy. if you have short hair, you have to go more often to get it cut, to maintain the cute shortness of it. MORE MONEY FOR THEM! TOTAL CONSPIRACY!

  2. I’ve always wondered about this, too. And I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s like the whole computer virus conspiracy thing. You know, how Norton actually is responsible for the generation of computer worms and so forth, just so they can sell more anti-virus software? It’s the same with hairdressers, except with hair. The more they cut off, the more you have to come back to keep it looking unratty.

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