Here Are Some Things That I’m Tired of:

1) Humidity.
2) Complaining (about humidity and in general.)
3) Having a million pens, but none with sufficient ink/cared for tips.
4) My soft suburban feet and their tendency to blister in anything other than sneakers or flip-flops.
5) Those little zits that form just at the edge of your lipline. Is there no gloss that will leave my pores clean and comedone-free?
6) Boys. (Come on. That’s a gimme.)
7) Stories about boys, even my own, unless those boys are pirates or zombies or spacemen, and unless the story ends with all of us standing off against the pirate/zombie/space boys and eventually defeating them, but more importantly learning something about ourselves in the process.
8) The horrible hacking cough that is taking over my office, and its implications for my future respiratory health and mental stability.
9) Hypochondria. (See above.)
10) History Channel shows featuring Hittites. Seriously, fuck Hittites.

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

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