The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

No, not City Stank, although that started up today, as well. (Park Slope smelled like dog shit this morning when I woke up at 6 to go to the gym. And it wasn’t even hot out yet.)

No, my pals, it’s my birthday. One week from tomorrow, your host will be 31 years old. I find this very hard to believe. I don’t feel 31 in the least. I think it’s because I’ve dated so many younger men. They’re keeping me youthful! And immature!

Anyway, because I’m trying to be a better blogger, updating more frequently and all that, I’m enclosing the invite I sent out to about 40 of my closest friends. It’s a cheap update, I know, but hey. (Also, because strange boys sometimes mail me pictures of their penises, I’m leaving out the precise location. Write me if you know me and didn’t get it, and I will provide you with the exact location.)


It is time, once again, to gather at a local bar and help me drink myself stupid as I celebrate the passing of another year. That’s right: It’s MY BIRTHDAY.

Some of you might know that I love MY BIRTHDAY more than any other human on the planet. I love it because I am entirely self-obsessed, and because I love presents and cake and talking about myself, and because on MY BIRTHDAY you have to let me enjoy all these things. Ha ha ha!

MY BIRTHDAY will not be at the Magician this year, because that sucked, but it will be on the Lower East Side, because I’m very busy at work and have no creativity to spare for party planning. Therefore, please join me at the following time and location:


WHEN: Saturday, June 9. I will be there at 9 PM. I will be drunk when you show up at 11.

WHY: Because it’s MY BIRTHDAY.

WHO: Everyone. (A short FAQ follows this message.)

Hope to see you all there!




Q. My significant other is not on this list. Why is that?

A. I am sleeping with your significant other. However, I like you more, so I’m inviting you instead. Oh, what the heck: Bring ’em along. MY BIRTHDAY comes but once a year.

Q. I know someone who isn’t on this list, but I think you meant to invite him/her. Should I ask you about it?

A. No. You should just invite this person. I probably meant to leave him/her off the invite list, but won’t that be funny?

Q. I live in a different city. Do I still have to go?

A. Don’t you have a life to live after? Just send cash. (However, if you’re in town, you can stay at the Mouse’s house. I’m sure he won’t mind.)

Q. I have a funny joke. Should I reply-all to this email?

A. No, you should not. The exposed email is just to let everyone know that I have a lot of friends.

Q. Do you like your birthday?

A. OH MY GOD, I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY. However did you guess?

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I'm a freelance writer and editor.

10 thoughts on “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  1. Gosh, you’re old.

    Happy Birthday! Drink at least one for me. I’ll buy you a couple when I come to the gathering in November.

  2. wowie wow, we’re getting old, well you’ll always be older than me 😛
    hoping you enjoy celebrating your birthday, i know how much you love it. (since I can’t remember my password i’ll sign in anonymous)

  3. Oh, finally someone who is as obnoxious about their birthday as I am. Happy early birthday, Smash!

  4. Not a fan of my birthday…or any holiday, so it’s great to see someone who does!

    Have a great time! and Happy Birthday….25 again, right?

  5. I love your birthday too. My 30th is in January. I totally think you should fly to Chicago and show me how it’s done.

  6. I absolutely love your blog!

    And hey, we share the same name (obviously I don’t mean last name, since I’m Swedish and well..your last name isn’t). Btw, my birthday’s on June 6. Close to a fun coincidence, but no. Damn…

    Never stop writing this blog!

    /your newest fan

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