All Hubley Things Are Weird

Me: Did your ribs hurt when you were losing weight? Mine are killing me.

Ma Smash: No, but yours did that before, remember.

Me: Yeah, that’s right, they did. I forgot about that.

Ma Smash: And your sister’s did this time, too.

Right. And I think Dad said something about that, as well.

Ma Smash: But not me. Nope. Must be your weird Hubley ribs.

Me: They are pretty weird. I have an extra one, you know. And an extra vertebra.

Ma Smash: (Cheerfully.) Yup. You’re a mutant!

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

6 thoughts on “All Hubley Things Are Weird

  1. whoa. umm… do you really have an extra vertebra? that would be pretty cool. i had 6 wisdom teeth, and i thought THAT was a cool mutation, but extra vertebrae are cooler, cuz that makes you TALLER.

  2. 3 out of 4 siblings and everyone of their kids have an extra rib and vert. Long waists go with the little hands and tendancy to go into starvation reflex metabolism when not stuffing face with cheese. When this civilization crumbles under its own weight, we’ll be able to ride funny little horses and survive the cold wastes.

  3. Wow, sweet! In my family all the first born cousins are left-handed. ALL OF US. Which is cool, but not as cool as extra bones.

  4. hehehe, i can picture you with a funny little horse…i always knew you were a wierdo but now that I know you have extra bones it explains it all.

  5. One day, i’m going to make a shirt that says

    “Ask me about my genetic abnormality!”

    I will mail you one, when that day comes.

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