Sometimes, the Mouse and I Shop Online…

…by which I mean, he shops, and I offer my opinions about things he might buy. The Mouse is much more fashionable than I, and also, not as cheap about clothes. When I am a rich person, I will hire him to be my personal shopper. I will look like a million bucks then: 10 pounds thinner, ever much more elegant. In the meantime, I subsist on Prince Street earrings and Old Navy t-shirts from 5 years ago. I do enjoy our conversations, though.

Mouse: Chinos? Who the hell wears chinos?

Me: I hate the word chinos. It sounds like a pejorative word for a Mexican person.

Mouse: It does sound a bit racist.

That’s at least as interesting as talking about hems.

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes, the Mouse and I Shop Online…

  1. I had the exact same conversation this weekend. Turns out, Chino is a term for an ethnicity … I have no idea if it’s a slur or not … but according to Wikipedia, Chino in Spanish refers to a “certain race combination” (left unidentified for reasons I can only assume are nefarious) and a term for Chinese people.


  2. Love the blog.

    Chinos are the only pants I will wear since Spearchuckers went out of style.

    — Michael Richards

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