People Should Not Live Anywhere Near Other People

My upstairs neighbor appears to be pounding something into the floor this morning. Is she tenderizing a steak? Installing a boot scraper? Expressing her rage at the current political climate? I have no idea.

Prior to this, I’m pretty sure she was tap dancing. She’s really lucky she lives on the third floor, is all I can say, because our landlord lives below me, and he claims he can hear my stocking-clad feet on the rug-covered floor.

I would love to know what she’s doing up there.


4 thoughts on “People Should Not Live Anywhere Near Other People

  1. Sue Funke

    I believe the people above me play hard wood basketball on the weekend mornings.

    The dude next to me is involved in musical theater. So there’s a lot of random musical numbers in my apartment as well…

    I don’t think anyone would expect any less.

  2. Taupey, the Bush Kangaroo

    Isn’t there a Stephen King short story about finally going upstairs to confront the shuffling, pounding, etc. neighbor?

  3. Golightly

    I’m on the 3rd/top floor and I’m pretty sure my downstair neighbor hears some weirdness coming from up here b/c I am always jumping, dancing, and falling over on myself

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