I Might Have Been Punked

Alert commenter Taupey claims that my opera-singing pal from the F train the other day is actually part of some evil marketing conspiracy:

Hah, that was a viral live live “street” ad for the follow up to “Borat.” You are now another marketing tool. Congrats.

–Taupey, the Cynical Kangaroo

Anyone know anything about this? I like a good joke on me as much as the next person.

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8 thoughts on “I Might Have Been Punked

  1. I did read that a studio picked up the rights to do a movie based on his Bruno character, but I have no idea how that would relate to an old guy singing on a train.

  2. Universal picked up the rights, the film is about a gay Austrian fashion victim. Anything about that ring a bell with subway man?

    As for any sort of viral ad, or even any sort of ad campaign at this point to promote the sequel, there’s zilch.

    But wasn’t Cohen himself in NY on a junket recently though? He was at least on the Daily Show. I guess anything is possible.

  3. Awww, Megs…I’m flattered.

    Of *course* I’m full of shit. And I always lie. Or not.

    Taupey, the Epimenidesian Kangaroo

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