Motherless Brooklyn … the Musical!

A guy on the train tonight started peeping and beeping and then launched into “Fever” in a weird high operatic falsetto. Then he sang “If I Only Had a Brain.” Then he started imitating Moe Howard: “Why, I oughta…”

It was completely awesome. At first, as usual, I was the only fool who looked up from my book. To be honest, I’ve been a little overtired, and I was afraid that maybe I was having auditory hallucinations. I kept just missing my chance to catch him singing. And he looked so normal, I really wasn’t sure it was him until he finally sang a whole verse of “If I Only Had a Brain.” By the time he got to “I would not be just a nuthin’, with my head all fulla stuffin’,” I had definitely determined that he was the dude.

He was about 50 years old, heavyset, with gray curly hair and a pleasant face. He was dressed like most everyone on the train, i.e., business casual, and didn’t seem to be drunk or homeless.

I rode the F with him all the way from 14th Street in Chelsea to 7th Ave in Park Slope and he sang the whole way. By East Broadway, people — including one bemused Hasidic guy, a skinny red-headed fashionista a la old Stephanie Klein, a smattering of hipsters and yours truly — were exchanging glances with one another. By Jay Street, we were laughing. By 7th Ave, there was outright guffawing. I was afraid the Hasidic guy would drop his prayer book.

You can think us cruel, but I promise you: I was laughing with him, not at him, and I’m pretty sure everyone else was, too. It was a fantastic train ride. Also? Our Tourettic pal got off at 7th Ave, with me and all the other Park Slope-ians. Which means that Park Slope is now the home of yuppies, lesbians, a few random hipsters … and one mentally ill guy who does a mean Peggy Lee.

So awesome.


5 thoughts on “Motherless Brooklyn … the Musical!

  1. That Guy

    So THAT’S what I’m missing by livin down here. We just get the crazies, not the musically inclined ones. God bless broadway.

  2. Anonymous

    Hah, that was a viral live live “street” ad for the follow up to “Borat.” You are now another marketing tool. Congrats.

    –Taupey, the Cynical Kangaroo

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