It’s Always the Quiet Ones

If my neighbors knew what I’ve been reading or watching this weekend, I’m pretty sure they’d call the cops as a preventative measure. Certainly, they’d take me to task for my low-brow taste. This is Park Slope. People wear natural fibers and read Proust. Well, OK, maybe they don’t read Proust, but they have it on the bookshelf.

I have been intensely lazy all weekend and it was everything I dreamed it could be. I’m either resting up, or experiencing a minor depression, depending on how you look at it. I’m hoping the former. I took a shower today, so that’s a good sign.

This happens to me every year around this time. The days get shorter and I just want to curl under a blanket with a good book. (Or a really trashy book. Which is another type of good, and just fine with me.) I just finished Anna Karenina, which was both good and trashy; now I’m reading murder mysteries. I went to the book store today to buy research material for a project I’m trying to convince myself to do, and wound up walking out with $70 worth of books — only one of which was actually related to the project. Then I went home, spread the books out beside me on the couch, and fell into a coma.

It’s maybe not the most thrilling thing to read about, but I have to say, waking up from a Sunday nap to find a stack of unread books next to me on the floor is what I imagine heaven would be like.

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5 thoughts on “It’s Always the Quiet Ones

  1. I am envious of your not read pile. My read last week includes “Capote”, “Travels with Charlie”, “Eleanor of Aquitaine”, the new Sandra Brown, a wholly wonderful couple of Nora Robert’s “Buffy’s”, and two things so trashy I deliberately forgot the authors and the titles so evem if tortured by the Intellectual Police, I can’t admit to the crime. Now I have nothing unread and nothing on the must re=read list. Even my Poe, Yeats, and Twain are still warm from crashing through “Complete Works of” desperation. This evening, I was reduced to reading jacket notes from my new Danu DVD. Now I’m afraid to go to a book store at lunch tomorrow because it will be like going to the grocery store when you are hungry.

  2. Secret code keys:

    not read = not-read
    read last week = read-last-week
    re=read equals re-read
    evem = even
    “xxxx” = titles that should be underlined

    It’s not that I can’t type in the dark, it’s that I don’t have me specs on.

  3. If you just read “Anna”, maybe you can figure whether you are Jennie Smashovich, or Jennie Karinina, or Jennie Johanova, or what? Or is that all the same person?

  4. Good job on the nothing doing! I love do nothing weekends. I didn’t have one. I did see Dresden Dolls again on Friday though. A guy was on stilts!

  5. Anna Karenina TRASH? my kind of girl! Remember JENNIE only YOU or the church or the PTA can make a person trash. They sure did it to me . . .

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