Pressing Questions About Project Runway

Where the hell does Laura live? She has, like, a 5000 square-foot loft somewhere in New York. Do you know how much that would cost, just to rent? Multi-thousands of dollars, my friends. And she has 800 kids to support. What gives? Is she rich? I bet she’s rich. Goddammit. If this were high school, I would totally push her ass in a mud puddle. I still might.

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3 thoughts on “Pressing Questions About Project Runway

  1. She is 43 and had/has a career as an architect “for the last 15 years.” (MA from Columbia, no less). So query how long she was a “single mom” and even so, it’s not like she was a waitress.

    Her husband (who I bet is older) owns his own design/architecture firm.

    Mix in a little rent control and/or price escalation, combined with Juliani’s clean up of Dinkins mess(“Oh, we rented this space when the neighborhood was scary in the late 80s, $1,500 seemed like the world then!”)

    And she, like Tron, is probably “livin’ fo the cit-tay…” like every other 40 something who married well and got in at the bottom Er, real estate bottom).

  2. I saw an ad where she said she was just going to throw the new baby on the pile with all the others. The percentage of wealthy Manhattanites with that kind of attitude has to be somewhere below 1%.

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