I Left My Heart In…

Just got back from a business trip to San Francisco. I love SF, but I have to say that once you get used to New York, you’re ruined. We’re hothouse flowers here. We don’t do well outside the five boroughs.

For example, today I received this text from Coworker Dennis:

Dennis: Heading to the airport. Just passed three organic pet food stores. Can’t wait to be back in NYC.

To which I replied:

Smash: Omg, i nearly wept at my first glimpse of queens

The airports are in Queens, you see. And Queens? Eh, probably not the borough your average location scout would pick to represent the beauty and glamour of New York. Just sayin’.

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

3 thoughts on “I Left My Heart In…

  1. You can get any variety of cheese your heart desires at any hour of day or night, year round. Craving some lion gruyere on Christmas eve? No problem!

    Why would you live anywhere else?

  2. Shut it, the airports are in my back yard.
    Sure, children can’t frolic through it but it’s not like you can see the police chases from the sky – you were in an airplane not one of the many helicopters that hangs out around here…

    It’s like a total Monet.

  3. The west coasters are really crazy about healthy living so the organic pet food doesn’t surprise me as the next step, if too far. When my hippie friend came back from California the first thing she said upon arrival in the city was “Wow, you have people that still smoke?”

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