Ladies and Gents

I’m not the world’s best blogger this week. It’s the end of the quarter, which is not so bueno for those of us who are operating on a quarterly system. It means that there’s a lot of work to do.

While I’m doing that work, which pays the hosting and all, I leave you with the following question: Would you date someone who had a blog? Don’t rush to answer. This is important.

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10 thoughts on “Ladies and Gents

  1. Hmmm… good question. I’m TRYING to date someone who has a blog; whether I’m successful or not remains to be seen. He’s not too fond of mine if he’s fodder for it, so that hasn’t helped matters. Do you have a blogger candidate??

  2. Depends on the category of bloggers he fits into, of course. 1. The “everything is fair game” type that describes extremely personal things in great depth. 2. The clever diary mined from the more humorous events, but without delving into the truly emotionally personal. 3. The pithy, “what does it have to do with anything?” blog and 4. The dopey blog that has nothing to do with the blogger’s life but betrays a secret obsession, as in, “The I Love Marcia Brady Fan Blog” or “Karl Rove’s PDA”


    1. No chance
    2. Maybe, if I don’t mind seeing a thinly veiled portrayal of me the day after a date — might actually be fun
    3. Fine
    4. No way…

  3. Only if he promised to always, always, always use spellcheck. And spellcheker’s spellcheck. If there is one. Which there should be.

    Btw, if you are asking me out the answer is yes.

  4. Just having a blog shouldn’t be a dealbreaker. Is it really a big deal if anecdotes or other mostly anonymous details become fodder?

    And if some entries got too personal (like pillow talk or other moments sincerely meant to be private) and a simple request didn’t stop it there are bigger issues than the blog.

  5. Bloggers are cute, so of course! šŸ™‚

    But blogs can cause relationship issues. Once I got into a sillyblogging warwith my boyfriend over shopping/fashion… it was funny at first, but it definitely caused some offline fights. It’s a delicate thing, but as a general rule, it’s probably best to keep most of the relationship stuff off the blog.

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