Ahhh! Baby Without a Face!

I spent most of today nursing a hangover. Thankfully, I have cable now, so I could watch horrible cheesy movies on Sci-Fi all day long.

Unfortunately, at some point I switched to TLC and they were showing some documentary about a baby who was born without a face. That’s right: No face. Just a toothy slit where her mouth should be.

I might never be the same again. I might need to sue TLC. I’m not sure I can really deal with a world in which babies are born without faces.

I’m sure all of this would be easier to cope with, were I not exhausted and vitamin deficient.

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I'm a freelance writer and editor.

5 thoughts on “Ahhh! Baby Without a Face!

  1. Baby w/o Face requires pictures. But, despite how much they like showing you these things when you watch their channel, they don’t seem to have any on their website. (No one does, for that matter.)

    What I can’t believe is that “Building a New Face” is TV-G. Little kids shouldn’t watch that shit.

  2. You guys need to sit down and realize how much of complete Asses you are making yourselves. This is real stuff thats happening and could be occuring in more than just this family.

    This is one of the hardest things someone could go through, including the family itselfs. They have practically sacrificed their life to help their deformed daughter live a somewhat normal life and experience the joys.

    If a little kid is living this then others can live seeing it. Its amazing how compassionate young ones can be and Im grateful they can be accepting, at least for the time.
    You guys need to stop living your spoiled materialistic lives and take a long hard look at life.

    Be grateful and show some compassion for the less fortunate, for they’re not as lucky as you, and never will be.

  3. I cannot beleive how completely selfish you and the world is. How would you feel if this was your family and your baby haveing to live like this. Would you like it if people like you made comments like you do?!!!!! I think this family is so strong and commend them for being so strong during such a hard time in life. I think this little girl is truely beautiful and if she were mine I would have her no other way.

  4. baby juliannia lives in my town ,,how can you shelter her from the world ? she is an amazing little girl ive talked to her mom a few times juliannia is doing well she’s a real joy to meet in every way she is a perfect child all except she was born with out a face ,,our couminity has accepted her with arms wide open we all love this child of god as if she were our own ,,it does take a village to rasie a child 🙂

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