Several Unrelated Paragraphs on Various Things

It’s finally a normal temperature outside, and I keep thinking I should be out there taking advantage of it, but then I lie down until the urge passes. At least I have the windows open.

I have three birthday parties this weekend. Two of the birthday boys are turning 29. November 1976* must have been cold and lonely. (It took me way too long to do that math.)

My apartment needs to be cleaned and the slave girl seems to have disappeared again.

I’m waiting for my new bureau to be delivered, so that I can stand the box in the corner and look at it. Because it requires assembly, and I’m lazy. When I get it put together, it will be the first bureau I’ve owned in five years. I’m confused about how I’ve been organizing my underpants all this time.

*Thanks Angelina!

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

2 thoughts on “Several Unrelated Paragraphs on Various Things

  1. Simple, one drawer is underpants you wear to work, the other drawer is for ones you wear on a date. (AKA t-backs, things , dental floss) No confusion, unless your date likes “Granny Panties” Then you are on your own, and I would wonder about about your date’s fetishes.

  2. November 1976 – I should qualify that by saying I know that because I turned 29 this year and was born in ’77, the year Elvis died as my sister is so quick to point out..

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