I Heart Mrs. P

I was explaining to a friend the other day what, exactly, is so fantastic about Mrs. Piddlington. She’s my sister and all, but anyone who has siblings can tell you that that’s not a guarantee of adoration.

Anyway, here’s why: Mrs. P is the only person I know who not only puts up with my particular brand of lunacy, but also thinks it’s funny. On any given day, I’m liable to call her up and this conversation:

Mrs. Piddlington:


Mrs. Piddlington: What’s up?

Me: I’m getting fat.

Mrs. Piddlington:

Me: Yes!

Mrs. Piddlington: I’m sure not. You looked great when I saw you.

Me: In March? Listen, can you just tell me: Do I sound fat?

Mrs. Piddlington:
(Soothingly.) You sound very thin.

Me: Really?

Mrs. Piddlington:
Too thin, maybe! Why don’t you eat something.

OK, one more thing.

Mrs. Piddlington:
Mmm hmmm?

Me: Do you think it’s possible that I’m totally riddled with tumors? Because I’ve been really tired lately.

Mrs: Piddlington:
(Laughing.) I love you.

See that? Anyone else would have hung up! I love me some Mrs. P.

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

5 thoughts on “I Heart Mrs. P

  1. You know, pregnancy can also cause extreme exhaustion. I hope you’re being careful.
    And I’m sure you’re not fat. Whatever happened to the new hottness? Or the dating fiesta? Where are the updates? Feel better

  2. hahaha, i can so picture that conversation between you 2- only you crazy sisters could be like that!!!

  3. I too love Mrs. P. What’s not to love? She is always on your team and will think of the perfect thing tosay to take away the blues/blahs. She has the most adorable dog and husband (I think I put that in the wrong order.) She is fun and funny and good to look at. That last she gets from her big sister.

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