MySpace, YourSpace

All of a sudden, I’m getting 1100 messages a day on the ol’ MySpace. Most of them are from bands I don’t know, which means that I delete them. (Come on: I know it’s a promotional tool and all, but do I really need 15 pages of “friends” I’ve never met?) The rest are from dudes. Here’s a random sampling:

hay sexy r u single i am!

greetings from nepal! i am like to move united states. is you status single now? i would like very much to meet. xo amir.

Pardon Myself,Excuse me, if you were busy,but after viewing your page taken a liken to what i see & seein what i like.Leaves me with no choice but to speak my peace. PS. I READ YOUR PAGE… BUT YOU KNOW SHIT HAPPENS AND STATS VARY,AND I DON`T KNOW IF HOW MUCH YOU UPDATE YOUR PROFILE…

Ah, MySpace. Without you, the Internets might have left their porn-y teen years far behind.

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

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