LOL! Thanks for the Add!

I would like to announce that a naked 23-year-old boy just propositioned me on MySpace. This beats all hell out of the penis pictures I used to receive from my various deranged admirers, back before I started making fun of them on this here blog.

I’m not responding, obviously. This is because I’m girl. Boys of the world, listen to me: The shirtless photo is for when you’re picking up dudes. The one with you holding the kitten/puppy/toddler? That’s for picking up chicks.

You’re welcome.


6 thoughts on “LOL! Thanks for the Add!

  1. jayman

    Hey, some of us are only shirtless because it’s hot in here. Plus, since I’ve been with my wife for about 16 years, I’m not interested in impressing anyone. I can wear socks and sandals to the salad bar with absolutely no hesitation. (But I wonder why my wife won’t go to those sorts of restaurants with me anymore.)

    However, in honor of this discussion, I could photoshop my Buffy into my icon.

  2. Capt Bonez

    Help!!! my dogs are no longer puppys, I’m alregic to kittens and I don’t have kids, with my shirt off my chest would not impresss anyone….what’s a guy in my situation to do?

  3. Jennie SMASH!

    Heh — no worries, Jayman, I wasn’t talking about you.

    Also, Capt Bonez: My best advice is that funny will get you everywhere.

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