Ma Smash: Have you changed the bandage yet?

Not yet. I was sort of thinking, maybe I could leave it til it’s time for the stitches to come out. You know: Like a cast.

Ma Smash:

Me: Well, overnight then. Just so I don’t disturb it.

Ma Smash: You need to clean it.

Me: But that will hurt.

Ma Smash: It’ll be fine. Why don’t you take the dressing off right now, while I’m on the phone with you.

Me: I can’t! I’m doing dishes.

Ma Smash:
You’re doing dishes?

I got gloves. Madcat suggested it.

Ma Smash: Clever girl! Cuz I was gonna say, that’ll hurt more than cleaning the wound, doing dishes.

It does kinda hurt.

Ma Smash:
Is it bleeding?

Um … no?

Ma Smash:
Is it bleeding?


Ma Smash:
Why don’t you take the bandage off right now?

Me: OK.

[By the sink: A long process of unrolling, punctuated by dramatic sniffles and little hitches of breath, as though I’m unveiling my stump for the first time.]

Oh, hey! It looks pretty good.

Ma Smash: See?

Is that pus? No, it’s just the edge of the wound. And the ointment crap they put on it.

Ma Smash: You’re fine. Now wash that right off with plenty of antibacterial soap and put on more ointment.

OK. Hey! It looks really good!

Ma Smash:
Told you.


Ma Smash: Do you want to talk to your father?


[Hands phone to my Dad. This involves waking up my Dad, who has been snoring peacefully in the background.]

Hi, Daddy!

Dad: Hi, Peaches. How’s your paw?

Pretty good. Mom just had me take off the dressing while we were on the phone.

Dad: [Pause.] So she could … see?

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

4 thoughts on “Triage

  1. Of course. Mothers have the most incredible eyesight and I’m sure Ma Smash is no exception.

    X-Men pale compared to the abilities of mothers.

  2. hahaha, whenever you post conversations with your parents I can SO picture them and it makes me giggle…I’m sure she could too see. Hope the hand feels better, ouchies.

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