From the Comments

That’s a weird picture. it’s like somebody is pulling your mouth in one direction and your eyebrow in the other.

That’s what I look like, for reals. Wouldn’t you be ashamed if there’d been some sort of forceps accident during delivery? Instead, I’m just Irish. We have crookedy faces, especially when there are cameras around. In person, however, we give off a dim glow of whiskey and fun. Be forewarned: You’ll never leave a party, so long as we want you to stay.

I’ve gotten texts from friends who want to know how it got to be 4 a.m., what they’re doing at Coney Island, and where their pants have wandered off to. You could be next! Beware!

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

6 thoughts on “From the Comments

  1. Bah, I think you’re hawt.

    Though in a perfect world you would replace the emo-glasses with a nice pair of wire-frames in the same squarish shape.

    p.s. What’s the deal with the handicapped icon next to the sobriety test now? If you can’t see the word jumble you can somehow click a tiny icon to get audio?

  2. I think of the new photo as an “In Your Face” sort of face, intended to reflect the powerful forces now churning beneath the Smash surface as you approach your third Smash decade.

    T-39 days and counting, if I’ve done the Smash math correctly.

    Hope your upcoming move to Brooklyn works out well for you.

  3. I love your crookedy face, it runs in the Irish family!!! good luck with the whole moving thing…

  4. ‘Tis true, what the lady says about the Irish.

    And scots.

    Though we give off more a “whiskey and ‘tude” vibe.

    And you still won’t leave the party. Not until it’s over.

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