Allergies Erg

My allergies are so bad, I’m pretty sure I actually have cholera. Just thought you should know, in case posting ends abruptly.


5 thoughts on “Allergies Erg

  1. C Everett Koop

    Alas…demon nicotine…just makes pollen season that much worse.

    Quitting smoking would definitely help.

    (And in the end, isn’t the risk of lung cancer far greater than the risk of cholera…)

  2. Dave Przy

    hey smash I had terrible cat allergies that meant I couldn’t even visit friends who owned cats for a single evening. I started going to a chiropractor and my allergies are far less acute. That is, I can visit for a weekend just fine. Plus it’s covered.

  3. honeykbee

    Oh what company I keep. Misspellers, believers in chiropractors, probable tuberculoses, and *gasp* C. Everett Koop.

    *deep sigh*

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