Career Paths You Never Considered

Deete: let’s brainstorm on a new career path for me

JennieSmash:: rich lady?

JennieSmash:: wait, that’s my new career path

Deete: it’s always about you

JennieSmash:: ha

JennieSmash:: i want to be a rich lady

JennieSmash:: and i want to be carried around on a litter

JennieSmash:: and i want to carry golden pistols, which i will use to fire silver bullets at the feet of my slaves, whilst yelling “dance! dance!”

Deete: so how does that help me again?

JennieSmash:: i think you should do the same

Deete: oh i can be your lady in waiting

JennieSmash:: that’s all

JennieSmash:: oh lord no

JennieSmash:: what an awful gig

JennieSmash:: be a rich lady

Deete: wait no

JennieSmash:: i’m telling you

JennieSmash:: it’s the wave of the future

Deete: i’ll be in charge of your ladies in waiting

JennieSmash:: oh yay!

JennieSmash:: then you can have a golden pistol, too!

Deete: beause you’ll have what 5 or 6?

JennieSmash:: oh hundreds

JennieSmash:: but 5 or 6 to carry the litter

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

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