The Winners

Many of the comments weren’t mean at all (aw, you guys!), so I didn’t have many to pick from. Still, I think this is my favorite:

I found you in my browser history between and I have no recollection of going to any of these sites. Yours included.


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2 thoughts on “The Winners

  1. well i dont know about japanesefacials, but i tell you this ms. smash: “mr chews asian beaver” is a DISTANT second to jenniesmash in my book! maybe you should have an asian porn theme day each week, to accomodate those with a serious case of yellow fever. and you could put a picture up of yourself wearing a yamulkah while holding a crucifix for your jews for jesus fan base.

  2. and after taking a peek at jimmythings blog, where he is despondent over not having a govt to lift him up and support him, i would guess that he just received his 52nd (and possibly last) unemployment check, and is simply cranky based on the fact that he might have to get a job.

    so jimmy, if you are listening, file for an extension with the unemployment agency, or see if you can get a cheap room in martin sheen or jeanine garofalo’s expat home when they finally make my day by living up to their promise to leave the country after GW’s last election win.

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