I Don’t Have a "Mrs. Bana" T-shirt Yet, But It’s Being Made

Smyres and I went to see Munich last night. We went in when the snow was just starting and came out to white-out conditions.

More importantly, though, I managed to miss about 80% of the film’s message because I was too busy drooling over Eric Bana. Here is a sample conversation to demonstrate:

Me: That. Was a good movie.

Smyres: Yep.

I guess a lot of people were pissed at Spielberg, because it’s not pro-Israel.

Smyres: It’s not anti.

Me: No, but I mean, he really gives you both sides of the problem. And no easy answers, which I feel is kinda different for him.

Smyres: I’ve never known what to make of the Israel issue anyway. I feel like I don’t know enough about it and am too far away from it to really get what’s going on.

Me: Yeah, I know what you mean. What do you think Eric Bana thinks?

Smyres: ?

Me: Cuz that’s what I think. I’ve just decided.

Seriously, this man is so hot, it’s sort of wrong. He even has the sticky-outy ears, so he’s not obnoxiously perfect, unlike, say, Brad Pitt, whose charm has always eluded me. And yes, before you mention it, I do know that Eric Bana is already married. So it’s not like I’m moving to Australia to stalk him. That you know of.

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8 thoughts on “I Don’t Have a "Mrs. Bana" T-shirt Yet, But It’s Being Made

  1. Yeah, that first comment had too many spelling mistakes, my bad.

    What I WANTED to say was that I hear what you’re saying about Brad Pitt, and when I found myself quoting him in conversation I felt like I wanted to cut my head off, just to make it stop.

  2. Great to know that a supposedly strong willed, independent, intelligent female is willing to put all her thoughts and opinions to the side so she can vapidly agree with the opinions of a movie star she thinks is cute.

  3. To miss the joke was amusing. However, Ms. Smash, Anonymous1 is not, technically speaking, appropriately classified as “dumbo.” Considering the 7 gramtical errors in the comment, an elevation to “Doofus” is not unwarranted.

    “Falacious content is nothing to a critical want of style.”
    -H.Merkin, “14 levels of dumb” (sic)


  4. If you don’t get the charm of Brad Pitt, watch Troy. Twice, if it doesn’t take the first time. Hell, I’d do Brad Pitt.

  5. I’ve developed a really serious crush on Eric Bana after watching Troy on the telly 2 days ago and I can’t stop thinking of him. You can’t really compare him to Brad Pitt, Eric Bana RULES!!!

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