Boys Send Me Emails, Part 435a

JennieSmash: Oh, BTW, did Mouse tell you about our new friend George?
Madcat: No!
JennieSmash: We met him at Botanika
JennieSmash: And he seemed gay, but apparently lurves me, which is odd.
JennieSmash: Anyway, we liked him, so we exhanged info.
JennieSmash: And now he’s emailing me about his peepee, which is what he calls it.
JennieSmash: I just don’t get people.
Madcat: Wait — his PEEPEE? That’s WEIRD.
JennieSmash: PEEPEE
Madcat: and GROSS
Madcat: ewwww
JennieSmash: He also told me that he wanted to touch my HINEY.
Madcat: You meet the oddest people of them all.
JennieSmash: Oh, I know.
Madcat: I mean, that’s a bit fwd for the first email! Can you block that shit?
JennieSmash: Yeah. Men think that I want them to harass me
JennieSmash: They do.
JennieSmash: They’re like, she’ll love this: I’ll mail her a picture of my penis. She will want to marry me.
Madcat: akfjdafjaldsjgalsdfja
Madcat: Argh
JennieSmash: I know.
Madcat: What a poor strategy.
JennieSmash: It’s very sad.

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

3 thoughts on “Boys Send Me Emails, Part 435a

  1. Oh my God, what is it with the “ums” today? No more comments beginning with “um.” It’s so, so rude. It makes my PMS get PMS.

    D. Mouse: Yes, his emails have been very weird.

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