Oh, Boo Hoo

So, everyone I know got engaged over the New Year, and the Black Table is closing up shop. Mrs P told me on the phone the other night that she knows I’m depressed, because I hadn’t updated the blog in almost a week. She’s awfully clever, that Mrs P.

I also have a cough. A horrible tickly cough way down in my chest, like grasshoppers flying around in my lungs or something. Fortunately, I live in New York, so I was able to have cough syrup delivered, along with some cheesy horror movies. For reals, I don’t know how people live anywhere else.

Anyway, to get out of my bloggy slump, I’m going to need your help. In the comments section, please vote for your favorite Jennie Smash theme, and I will write you a story about it:

1) Those crazy New York subways with those crazy New York people!
2) Hobos I’ve known.
3) Boys hit on me in bars! They do!
4) Animals are cute.
5) [Fill in the blank.]

Thank you for your help in this and other endeavors.

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I'm a freelance writer and editor.

21 thoughts on “Oh, Boo Hoo

  1. Oh, I was going to go with hobo’s I know, but I think caryn’s is better: 5)why cheese is the best food in the world

  2. 5) Why it’s perfectly OK to have cheese for dinner (multiple times a week). Hey, we ladies need calcium.

  3. Black Table is ending?!?! OH NO!
    WTF are we going to do now?

    Ooh 5) Why cheese is the best food in the world definetely!!

  4. Man, I really wanted guys hit on me in bars, but then I read the comments and cheese totally sounds like the best idea.

  5. Can you somehow combine the hobo and cheese experiences into some fantastical milieu?

    Maybe throw in a ninja too, if you please.

  6. ilchester, colby, Cabot Hunter’s Cheddar, 147 varieties of French squishy stuff… and of course the most important…Jennie Cheese!

  7. Who knew I was this popular?

    OK, Jayman: The sobriety check is so that people don’t waste your time with ads about viagra and loan consolidation in the comments section, while actually pretending to like my blog. Can you imagine? The nerve.

    Other folks: I am so pro posts about cheese, hobos and cute animals, however, boys trump all, as you know.

    Also: Did you know that even *I* have to do the sobriety check before posting a comment? That sucks! God, I hate everything.

  8. Also, I think Will is being sarcastic. But just for that, bub, you’re getting a story about my sister’s new dog later in the week. Stick *that* in your pipe and smoke it!

  9. Who knew cheese was that popular? (I’ve never needed an interrobang before, but suddenly I wish they’d caught on.)

  10. I also found this because of BT. But since Jennie is (kinda) happily blogging away here, we’re not going to lose anything in that respect.

    Amy Blair, however… that’s a pisser. What is going to happen to the Week in Crag?

    Find out for us Jennie. Please?

  11. now that the BT is done, we should post more topics to have you ‘wax’ on about. The clown room story freaked me out.

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