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I like a beverage, myself, but I’m probably not going to write you back if your primary photo shows you chugging a beer. I mean, I’m not opposed to beer-chugging, but it seems like if you’re advertising that, I would never be able to be mad at my friends for saying “I told you so” after you fall down the stairs and have to go on disability.

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4 thoughts on “Memo to Menfolk on

  1. I completely blame South Park for my new Bocelli obession.

    Oh… and that was a pretty funny post. You are just looking at it wrong … instead of losing the ability to be angry at your friends, you are gaining the ability to be mad at said guy.

    If you drink him under the table you can totally call him a wuss. What sort of person gets …er … Smashed … by a buck twenty little girl?

  2. Top 5 follow-up “jokes” to this post:

    5. Since when did beer-chugging and sex appeal become estranged?

    4. Ma Smash: A beer-chugger isn’t so bad. At least he’ll help you rebound from the funny boy with the cats.

    3. “I’m not chugging, I’m sipping aggressively.”

    2. “Fair enough, but is it ok if my secondary photo involves me, two strippers and some tequila?”

    1. Well you really shouldn’t want to date Tom Sizemore anyway.

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