Drunk Karma

Jennie SMASH!: my mind is gone
Drunken Mouse: hahaha
Drunken Mouse: that’s the whiskey’s fault
Jennie SMASH!: it’s very sad
Jennie SMASH!: dude, the funniest part was that until i fell on those people, i didn’t know i was drunk
Drunken Mouse: you fell on people?
Drunken Mouse: when did that happen?
Jennie SMASH!: on the train
Jennie SMASH!: although, i think that was train-related
Jennie SMASH!: not alcohol-related
Drunken Mouse: oh man. i totally don’t remember that. i don’t remember the train ride
Jennie SMASH!: HA
Jennie SMASH!: you’re a good drunk
Jennie SMASH!: it’s hard to tell
Jennie SMASH!: well, i fell on some people
Jennie SMASH!: they had to lift me up
Drunken Mouse: WTF? okay now you are just lying.
Jennie SMASH!: no, i’m really not
Drunken Mouse: no way i’d would forget that
Jennie SMASH!: i was making fun of the dude who passed out in the pizza place, and then the train started
Jennie SMASH!: and i went right over like a sack of potatoes
Jennie SMASH!: on two very nice ladies
Jennie SMASH!: and couldn’t move
Jennie SMASH!: and they nicely propped me back up again
Jennie SMASH!: and then you said, “bet you wish you didn’t make fun of that poor asshole in the pizza place”

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

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