The First Ever Contest on the Smash

OK, pals: I have a show to go to tomorrow, and I’m going to have to take the JMZ to get there. There’s one small problem, however, which is that I’m still not sure that the JMZ train actually exists.

All right, if you want to get technical, I’ve taken the J before, although it only comes twice a year, as far as I can tell. I’ve even seen the M once. But I have never, absolutely never, seen the Z.

Which is why I’m having my first ever contest here at the Smash. Here’s what I’m proposing: If any of you loyal readers can capture a picture of the Z, say, on your camera phone, etc., and send it to me at, I will let you pick your choice of reward:

1) Five real american dollars.
2) A two-dollar Metrocard and a three-dollar gift certicate to Starbucks.
3) Some combination of these prizes, adding up to five real american dollars.

C’mon, you can’t lose!

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6 thoughts on “The First Ever Contest on the Smash

  1. Oh, dear, didn’t they tell you the the JMZ stands for Johns Military Zone, which is something like Harry Potters track 9 1/2. Unless you know it’s there, you can’t find it. Originally a fictional place, it has become a virtual reality. It’s a great hall with no chairs, rugs, or other furniture. Just toilets. Many toilets. Long ones, short ones clean ones, dirty ones, modern ones, box-on-the-wall JC Crapper models, 20 to 25 per every 100 sq ft.

  2. Happii 5 Month Annii Hunniee!!! dayum smashdog, she bloggin me back bout germs and da subwayz in 2 dayz. now u no why I Love U!!

  3. We have this thing they call a subway here in Pittsburgh, but it’s really just trollies that occasionally go through a tunnel… like the power lines are above the cars and such.

    But we do have the Incline, which is just a trolley-type thing that’s set at an angle to go up the mountain. Usually if I’m headed into town I’ll get off at the Incline anyway and take a trip for the hell of it… only takes about 15 minutes or so, you can buy a transfer from the bus driver, and you get a spectacular view of the city and the rivers.

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