Gobble, Gobble

Ma Smash: Are you looking forward to a little break?

Me: God, yes. I’m exhausted. Definitely time for a vacation.

Ma Smash: Well, you just come home. You won’t have to do a thing! I made a pie the other day, and I went to the store today and bought all the trimmings and I’ve been talking to old Thomas, who is in the fridge as we speak.

Me: Oh, man! I forgot you did that. Your theory is that it helps with cooking, right? Sort of like playing Mozart for plants?

Ma Smash: Yes, but right now I’m concentrating on putting old Thomas at ease. Don’t tell him what Thursday is. Y’see, I’ve told him that he’s a pet.

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

4 thoughts on “Gobble, Gobble

  1. Well, that might put old Thomas at ease, but I’m afraid it’d put me off my feed. I’m not used to eating my pets. Of course, none of my pets have resided in the ‘fridge, either. Oh well, gobble ‘im up, I say.

  2. Happy day after Thanksgiving! I’m sure your mum arranged a very peaceful afterlife for dear Thomas. Love the new template, btw.

  3. it took me a minute to figure out who Thomas was, DUH. Hope you a had a grand Thanksgiving and ate lots of yummy treats.

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