Today in Medical Oddities

British woman gives birth to twins from two wombs

Money quote: “Now I have two miracles. I am full of every possible emotion. Life isn’t about my two wombs now — it’s about my two babies.”

God, if only life could stop being about my two wombs, I feel I’d really be fulfilled at long last. (Also: “My Two Wombs” is an excellent name for a sitcom.)

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7 thoughts on “Today in Medical Oddities

  1. See, that was my question, too. Clearly if someone had taught her about masturbation earlier in life, she might have been a better adjusted member of society.

  2. if a guy had two penises, could he technically date two women at one time and not be cheating if he exclusively used each penis with only one woman?

  3. I work in an gyn office and we thought that was the most hilarious piece of news ever. Further, this blog is now officially work-related, I think.
    I really wish Judy Frances would weigh in with her holy 2 cents on this story, though. Judy?

  4. Anon1, you might have better luck if you could convincingly portray multiple personalities, because women don’t generally date the penis(es).

    Though I’m sure some girls would say all guys are dicks, regardless…

  5. Well, Anonymous,

    I don’t think there’s a one-woman two-vagina precedent in the Bible. I’m at a loss so I’ll just turn to the good Lord and see what he says and get back to you. Oy.

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