"Rar, rar, rar! I’ma git you! Rar, rar, rar!"

Here’s another good reason to turn on the heat: It block out the sound of the dude who is currently tripping over things, singing and cursing in the empty nightclub patio right under my window. Dude, seriously: It is 8 p.m. on a Sunday night. You should not be this drunk. Seek help.

In other news, I saw “Shopgirl” today. Not as good as the book. It sort of made me feel like I should mail Steve Martin some SSRIs immediately. Perhaps with a small note: “Dear Steve: You need these more than I do. I love your writing. But dang, cheer up, guy. Love, Jen.” Do you think that would help?

Also, if Claire Danes is 26, then so am I.

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6 thoughts on “"Rar, rar, rar! I’ma git you! Rar, rar, rar!"

  1. i saw claire in new haven one day at this famous burger joint Louis'(with her boyfriend billy crudup, who i disparaged and my girlfriend promptly told me he was in fact “hot”). now, up to that point, i had thought that claire was hot too, but i think it was based more on assumption/hearsay, as i had never really looked at her too closely.

    so i spotted her, started to say to my girlfriend “hey, isnt that…” and she cut me off, fearling that i would embarass her by approaching claire. but to make a long story short (but i guess its too late for that), she wasnt all that. in fact, upon closer inspection, she was almost strange looking. i think she is ok when you view the whole package together, but if you were to break her apart by feature, you would notice that she is not beautiful in the classical sense.

    AND, she does not look 26. maybe she is like that 14 year old soccer player who is reported to really be about 18, and there has been some foul play with regard to her birth certificate.

    AND the promotion of her and steve being romantically involved is about as absursd as the bill murray/scarlett johansen “lost in translation” faux affair. but i havent read the book nor seen the movie, so i dont even know if that is the premise of the movie.

  2. I agree that Claire Danes doesn’t look 26, but either she really is or she’s been lying about it since her “My So-Called Life” days. I remember reading an article about the series when it began. Apparently, they had cast the show about two years before it aired, and she was only 13 at the time. That would make her 15 in 1994, and 26 today. I remember because that would have made her my age, and I didn’t know any boys as hot as Jordan Catalano.

  3. I think Claire really is 26. I remember My So-Called Life came out my junior year of high school (and I ranted, “What’s so so-called about her life?! She’s got it pretty good!”), and she was only 15 when she did that.

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