POM What?

In the interests of recovering from this plague, I ordered a bunch of juice from MaxDelivery. One of the various juices I ordered was this POM Wonderful Pomegranate stuff that I kept seeing in the health store around the corner from my office. (I work in Chelsea, so I’ll never have any trouble getting juice, or Ripped Fuel, or men’s underpants.)

This POM stuff is supposed to contain about elevendy-million different antioxidants and fix everything from a cold to congestive heart failure. Because of this, it costs about the same as a barrel of oil.

But I spare no expense when it comes to my health, so I bought some, and guzzled it down. It was quite tasty, and I was thinking about how it would make a delicious margarita mixer, when I happened to spy the nutritional information on the back.

Total Fat ……. 0g (So far, so good.)
Cholest. ……. 0 mg (Ditto.)
Sodium ……… 30 mg (Good? Bad? I dunno. I’m Irish, so salt is the only spice I use.)
Potassium ….. 430mg (Oooh! That’s gotta be good.)
Total Carb ….. 35g (Um. That seems high.)
Fiber ……….. 0g
Sugars ……… 34g (OUCH.)
Protein ……… 1g

Vitamin A …….. 0%
Vitamin C …….. 0%
Calcium ………. 4%
Iron …………. 2%

So basically? There’s nothing IN this magical drink. Nothing except sugar, that is. I’m less than confident in plain old sugar’s ability to cure my cold, even if it is purple.

Still, I probably will try this in a margarita, when I’m mended.

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13 thoughts on “POM What?

  1. Except vitamin C, none of those are antioxidants. But the kind of antioxidants found in pomegranate juice (polyphenol antioxidants, that is) are more for long term use regulating blood flow and preventing cholesterol from building up in your arteries than recovering from the common cold.

    As far as recovering from a cold, there is no better method known to science than lots of fluids and plenty of rest.

  2. I always find that a triple Stolichnaya vodka in a beer glass mixed with half OJ half pineapple juice kills anything!

  3. Isn’t Chelsea the yuppie name for Hells Kitchen?

    Why drink that fancy-assed pomegranate stuff, when there’s Hi-C Ecto-cooler to be quaffed with reckless abandon.

    As for your cold, I believe when mixed in proper combinations, Listerine and Ni-Quil can cure Ebola, so it should work for your cold.

  4. Clinton is the yuppie-ass name for Hell’S Kitchen. (As heard in the movie “State of Grace” w/ Sean Penn, Gary Oldman, and Ed Harris.)

  5. Yes, but Chelsea does border Hell’s Kitchen, or Clinton, or whatever it is called now. I, for one, think they should just combine the two and call the area Chelsea Clinton.

  6. Spirulina…..supposed to boost the immune system, which means less colds and less getting sick, and more drinky drinky of alcoholic beverages for you in the long run.

  7. Still, I probably will try this in a margarita, when I’m mended.

    Yes! Jen, you are a girl after my own heart! I have a bottle of this stuff in my fridge but I was saving it for a special occasion, letting it age I guess. Too expensive it seems to just guzzle with a turkey sandwich. Anyway… thanks for the idea. I’m a self professed margarita connoisseur after all. And I have a terrible cold. So perfect!

    Loving the blog!

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