Very Busy and Important

I had a brief conversation with my friend Megadeth tonight on the phone, about how boring we both are at the moment.

“This week,” I told her. “I went to bed at 10:00 every night. Plus? Fatty has started going to the gym again. And so she is sore.”

“This week,” Megadeth told me. “I worked and worked and worked until my head fell off, and then I worked some more. Also, I will be doing nothing but travel for the next three weeks.”

“I’m going to Austin on a business trip tomorrow.”

“I’m going to have to give my cat away, because I’m never going to be home again.”

“I haven’t opened my mail in three days.”

“I just ate ice cream for dinner, because it was all I could do to open the carton.”


“So I’ll see you next week, when you’re in New York?”

“Yes. You better take me out.”

“It’s next week, right? Let me check my book.”

“I’m not fucking kidding. You better not be busy. It’s my birthday.”

“OK. Looks like I can squeeze you in after work and before my real plans start.”

“I hate you.”

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

9 thoughts on “Very Busy and Important

  1. You said it! Man your writing is boring, your life is boring and you are stupid. Please stop. I’ll pay you.

  2. How much? I could use the cash.

    Incidently, because I’m boring, I clicked through to your blog, in order to be humbled by your brilliance, and maybe even learn a few things. I didn’t get much further than your, er, epigraph:

    Lightsplashed comes from the Stanley Kunitz poem “The Round” which expresses many things to many people. To me its beauty is in its descriptive nature and Kunitz’s ability to articulate the emotional impact of creating art. “The Round” brings the relationship of art and the artist full circle not only in title but also in its conclusion “I can scarcely wait till tomorrow when a new life begins for me, as it does each day, as it does each day.” Thoughts are welcome…

    I got some thoughts for you, “lightsplashed.”

  3. Hey there, lightsplashed. I too decided to take a look at your blog, and I found this appropriate entry dated just today:

    “People are inherently negative. They knock down what others build up. They cheer for failure. They diminish rather than create. I’ve learned this lesson over the past few months. I’ve seen so many lies, falsehoods, delusional statements yet never responded. It wasn’t my place. they really weren’t about me so why take up the fight? Truthfully, who would care if what I said was accurate? Those focused on their own agendas have closed arguments which any truth brought forth would be met with either another falsehood or disregard. I guess it could be frustrating but honestly it strengthens you. You learn that you know the truth and no matter what anyone else wants to believe, you can’t please everyone so don’t try”.

    So, lightsplashed, this is how you choose to take up the fight? By posting rude comments on other blogs? Or was this just your little experiment, to see how your actions would affect others? Well, you picked a hell of a time and place to “respond.” We have bouncers here at the Smash. We’re strictly volunteers, but there are many of us. And if you’re not careful, you just may get your ass handed to you. And when you do, just go ahead and put it right back on your shoulders, where it belongs.

  4. Dear Lightsmashed:
    Your own writing is incomprehensible, affected, boring, and pretentious. Please try to keep your negative and jealous remarks to yourself. If Jenniesmash is boring, don’t read her. Please!
    Ma Smash

  5. Yeah it’s boring all right. About as boring as BASE jumping, or hanging out with your favorite rock band, or making first contact with an alien species.

    The Smash kicks mad ass.

  6. Note to self: scratch prior idea of adding crappy-but-earnest poetry (or pretty much anything else) to blog page.

  7. Yikes! I just went to lightsplashed’s site – is it supposed to be a joke? Or as assignment for a night school continuing education “creative” writing class, taught by an earnest and unpublished poet who wears tweed jackets with faux-leather elbow patches?

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