Fashion Alert: Be the First on Your Block to Exploit the Latest Tragedy!

I saw a guy wearing a New Orleans Saints t-shirt at the gym yesterday. Maybe he was from New Orleans, but I somehow doubt it. I bet he’d taken his FDNY baseball cap off, so that it wouldn’t get stuck in a weight stack. Douche.

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12 thoughts on “Fashion Alert: Be the First on Your Block to Exploit the Latest Tragedy!

  1. or maybe he just likes the saints? This was a great example of the difference between men and women. a guy would never even think twice about seeing that t shirt, and in fact probably not even notice it (unless it was on a hot chick with big boobs). a chick finds it offensive, and will probably have hours long discussions with her girlfriends about how they too find it offensive.

    but i loved your black table work, top notch, as always.

  2. Now, scribbler, you should know me well enough by now to know that if you want me to reel it back in, you should never *tell* me to reel it back in. Now I never, ever will. Because I never do what I’m told. I only do just what I like.

    And what I like is making fun of people who think t-shirts help victims of catastrophe. Grow up.

  3. Different anonymous here. How does one draw the conclusion that a man thinks “t-shirts help victims of catastrophe” based solely on his working out in a football jersey for a famous team? What’s next? ‘Smash going off on a radio show playing Louis Armstrong or maybe a shit fit should shrimp gumbo shamelessly feature on a NYC menu?

  4. but the point is that the t shirt was more than likely simply being worn because the guy was a fan of the sports team. i would bet it was totally unrelated to the catastrophe, and in fact, wouldnt be surprised if the guy didnt even know about katrina (or thought that katrina referred to the girl that he tried to get on at a bar the weekend before).

    We men arent as deep you as girls, sometimes we simply wear shirts with sports teams on them for no reason other than either we had nothing else clean, or, surprise surprise, we like the team.

    much like most things pertaining to guys, chicks try to read too much into them. thats why you spend hours on end talking to your friends (and not you specifically, the “you” refers to women) about things like “what do you think it meant when he flushed the toilet after he urinated”.

  5. Hello fellow Smashers, an even different anonymous here, henceforth known as #3.

    I’m surprised at everyone’s defense of this guy wearing the Saints tshirt. While yes, it’s possible that he “just likes the Saints” the choice to wear this shirt a couple weeks after over 1000 people died in a horrific tragedy at the very least shows his utter cluelessness as well as being a bit tone deaf to the worst natural disaster to hit this country, ever. That alone makes him worthy of “douche.”

    And I’m sorry anonymous #1 “a guy would never even think twice about seeing that shirt…” I’m a guy, and yes I would. You generalizing about “chicks” gets you into the same trouble as generalizing about guys. It’s kinda pointless cause we’re all different, ya know? Game, set, match.

    And anonymous #2 when you say “i would bet it was totally unrelated to the catastrophe, and in fact, wouldnt be surprised if the guy didnt even know about katrina…” that’s a bit silly don’t you think? This was a major world event, was in every newspaper in the U.S., on every radio program and for God’s sake on Entertainment Tonight. You couldn’t escape it if you tried. Also, don’t forget, this was in New York, a media capital.

    And finally, I think it is the height of naivete to believe that this guy couldn’t possibly have been wearing this Saints tshirt with the intent of drawing some kind of gross connection to Katrina. We live in the country where ONE WEEK after fucking 9/11, you could buy post cards of the airplanes crashing into the towers and all kinds of tshirts and caps. I was there, I saw them.

    Also, the Saints suck. What’s a guy living in NY doing wearing one of their shirts. Please.

  6. Anonymous #3, how can you have the calousness to post on the internet that the New Orleans Saints suck only a couple weeks after 1000 of their fans died in a horrific tragedy. You are as much the “Douche” as any NYC gym steak wearing their jersey. At least his gesture was in support.

  7. Anonymous #4, your post is nonsensical. I fail to see how saying the Saints suck when empirically this is the case, in any way has anything to do with Katrina or lives lost, so that makes your comment misdirection, your argument a straw man and makes you Douche a la mode.

    If that isn’t enough for you: I am rubber, you are glue, it bounced off me and sticks to you.

    Love ya!
    Anonymous #3

  8. Was it a player’s jersey or just a generic shirt? Did it look new?

    Also, the Saints do suck. It took them 20 years to make the playoffs. They couldn’t even muster a winning season with Archie Manning at the helm.

  9. It’s called sarcasm, Anonymous #3. It’s a bit inconsistent to find fault in someone wearing a sports jersey that just happens to hail from a decimated region and then bash the same sports team. Note to NYC gym rats: mothball your Houston Astros hats and batten down yer hatches: Hurricane Rita is about to make landfall, followed closely behind by a hard blowing and fingerpointing Jennie Smash!

    Douche #4

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