Erratum: Creature Double Feature

Hello, Boston area people of my childhood:

I now know that I made a slight error in my Black Table piece, regarding the Creature Double Feature. It was not on TV-38, but rather on TV-56. Now, if someone can tell me which channel featured the Movie Loft, I should be all set with my 70’s era New England trivia for the moment.*

* Big thanks to Alexander C. for pointing out the error in the first place!

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

6 thoughts on “Erratum: Creature Double Feature

  1. It was WNDS, I’m pretty sure… I think thatwas 38. I think… I’m getting old… it’s hard to remember!

  2. I just want to note that you’ve lodged a new ear worm in my brain.

    L-V-I, is part of livvvvving!

    Livin’ 56!

    (Aw, now I feel like I need a grilled cheese and my mommy. And Charles In Charge.)

  3. I think Channel 38 was WSBK…was it not? although maybe it was WNDS before that…I wonder if Dana Hersey was an ill-tempered drunk off-screen and sans sweater.

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