Belated Shout-Out to the Sisters Goldstein

If you’re not already reading this blog, you must.

The background here is that it’s a parody of Stephanie Klein’s stupid blog, which doesn’t get a link, because it’s stupid. Also? The parody is perfect. So smart, so dead-on, and yet so much better written than the original that stupid, stupid Stephanie Klein should have to give these girls her book money.

The rest of the background is that Ms. Stupid-Stupid somehow stumbled across this blog, one assumes in between Googling herself and trolling eBay for pointed shoes, and was so incensed that she threatened to sue them — for being mean, I guess, since parody is pretty clearly protected under copyright law.

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

4 thoughts on “Belated Shout-Out to the Sisters Goldstein

  1. awwww. you sweet girl. Thank you!

    We try to post as often as we can, but between all of the maintenance on our hair, geriatric benefactors dying on chaises and shopping for yogurt at Whole Foods, it’s difficult.

    I’m sure you understand.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying =)


  2. i love the sisters also. i wish someone would parody that d-bag “this fish”. i honestly find her as putrid as SK, if not moreso. the only thing worse than her are her heinous fans. honestly, the shit that they write to her in the comments is surreal, sometimes i need to pinch myself to ensure that i havent been transported to some twilight zone type netherworld. if i read one more time, after one of her ridiculous posts, that she is someones idol, inspiration, hero, or some other completely inappropriate term, i am going to vomit.

    i have to close with, just so no one thinks i am exaggerating, what i think is my all time favorite comment to fish (i measure “favorite” by the one that made me projectile vomit the furthest):

    Fish, you are a champion of the human spirit. One of
    the few true role models left in the world. If there was ever a reason to promote and legalize human cloning it would be to replicate your blessed, beating heart a million times. (If only they all could help pump that yucky water out of NOLA.) You’re a modern day Joan of Arc. I wish I had half the strength, courage, and care that you exhibit. I bow my head to you.

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