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Most people delete disapproving comments. Here at Jennie Smash, we make separate posts about them. This is not because we are fair, or balanced, ahem. It is because we have, as a very intelligent shrink once informed us, “a tendency to perseverate.”

Anyhoo. For those of you who don’t read the comments — and why don’t you? Do you have jobs or something? — here is the short version of the argument below. Basically, I am terrified that Roe vs. Wade will be overturned, and having one-two justices appointed by Chimpy McGee fills me with fear. However, as an anonymous commenter pointed out, there are of course many other issues involved here, both in terms of who should get appointed, and in terms of what the Supreme Court does on a day-to-day basis. (By which, I mean, of course, get pedicures and drink mojitos while slave boys fan them with palm fronds.)

But I get mad. So I suggested my anonymous pal get his head out of his ass. This wasn’t nice, and worse than that, it was a bad way to conduct an argument. But I’m not very mature. You all knew that.

However, all other issues aside? The thing that fills my wee heart with fear is the idea that someone could swoop in and decide that I am not actually the owner of my lady parts, but rather their summer caretaker or such. That my uterus and other associated bits are actually state property. That seems, I dunno, like Communism to me. And while the Supreme Court nominations aren’t the other thing that can affect my reproductive freedom, it seems sorta silly to say they’re not a big factor.

However, if you’re looking for in-depth political commentary, anonymous, you probably want to read a news site. Jennie Smash is more of, you know, a blog.

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7 thoughts on “Blog Wars!

  1. I am confused. Did anonymous say he/she was pro choice? I kind of read it as a good idea. Let’s just pass a law and make Roe v. Wade unassailable. That would help to save us from future and present chimpy McGirks. Not to fear tho’. You know what Ma Smash will do if they overturn it. For the benefit of your other readers, let me let you in on it. I will personally learn how to perform safe abortions and set up my clinic on the front doorstep of the White House. Just think, if Barbara had had one we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in and the poor people of Lousiana might have had food before Halloween.
    If you are feeling my fervor it is because my mother lost a good friend to a botched abortion. This was in the dark ages of the 1940’s, when good girls pretended they were stupid so they could get husbands. Those days are over forever. And if you don’t believe it, just try me.
    Your own, Ma Smash

  2. Passing a law is not the optimal solution. Laws would have to be by state, which MA and NY already have. That puts us back to pre-1970 when NYC was the abortion capital of the country.

    Problem is also that the protection would not be effective in other states, and the Feds could still prohibit any sort of funds (research, medicare, etc.) to those institutions that don’t step in line with the congressional majority. Constitutional protection, as specifically amended and/or decided on appeals is much the more stable protection because then it doesn’t matter what state you live in, your lady parts are still yours to control.

    The basis for the decision in Roe v Wade was not simply based upon privacy. Also presented to the court were arguments based upon ” life,liberty, and the pursuit of happieness”, separation of church and state, and equal protection under the law. Scientific evidence is clear. Without applying religious interpretations of the beginning of life, life begins when the fetus is viable outside the mother. Until the government can legally prevent me from taking out my spleen if I and my Dr. think it necessary, they can’t have make you retain a fertilized egg until it is viable.

  3. OK, here is the up and up on the entire debate on abortion, from a man’s perspective,

    “Do you have a vagina?”

    “um no.”

    “So are you going to be the one birthing this child?”


    “Are you going to get up every night and feed and change and do everything else that you expect this woman to do?”

    “Magic 8-ball says ‘no.'”

    “So what are you complaining about?”

    “This book told me that it was wrong?”

    “No, that book said masturbating was wrong. The only thing you should have to worry about in the entire vagina department is making sure that it stays happy.”

  4. 1) I agree with Ma. GW should have been a BJ.

    2) The basis for the decision in Roe v. Wade was primarily the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, although the Ninth Amendment was mentioned in the opinion of the court. These are the only Constitutional infringements that the court found in their ruling. (Arguments for other infringements may have been unsuccessfully presented.)

    The court also holds a different interpretation of when a fetus becomes eligible for protection, stating “…it has legitimate interests in protecting both the pregnant woman’s health and the potentiality of human life, each of which interests grows and reaches a ‘compelling’ point at various stages of the woman’s approach to term.”

    And finally, Congress does have the power to trump state laws without resorting to a Constitutional amendment. Just ask the sick people in California how their state sanctioned reefer gardens are doing lately.

    “Here endeth the lesson…” Spike

    None of that means there is a member of Congress brave enough to draft such a law. One thing the religious right can be counted on above all else is showing up on Election Day. And if they’re not able to draft a law, then how could they be expected to come up with a Constitutional amendment of similiar nature?

    What bothers me most about the anti-abortion movement is that there seems to be no consideration given to the quality of life that an unwanted child would have. It’s like they don’t matter once they’re born. I realize that not every kid in an adoption agency grows up to be a child-raping car thief. But you have to also realize that not every kid in an adoption agency gets adopted. And even worse than an adoption agency is the unqualified parent who keeps an unwanted baby, thus ruining both of their lives.

    My apologies for writing such a long comment. You’d think that I think this is my blog or something. Thanks for putting up with me.

  5. Jennie, I love your readers. I’d add to their thoughts, but they did such a wonderful job, I’ll just let ’em stand on their own.
    (I love you, too. Dur.)

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