Fun at the Office

I just left my machine for two seconds to get some coffee, and when I came back, there was an email on my desktop with the subject line:

“i need to learn how to lock my computer”

Some coworkers of mine who shall remain nameless think they’re pretty goddamn funny, but they’ll get theirs. Oh yes, they will.


5 thoughts on “Fun at the Office

  1. cantellthatkid

    Why do people have to lock their own workstations? Why doesn’t your network automatically time-lock your work stations? This is routine security with any client/server network. It’s annoying, but necessary.

  2. Jennie SMASH!

    I think it does lock after a couple minutes, but I was gone for like, a second. I still say it’s silly to have to worry about that at all.

  3. Editrix

    Yo Smash — dunno if this works for every sort of Windows, but you can hold down that dorky little Window button and hit the L key to lock your PC lickety-split. I’m paranoid and do this every time I leave my desk. You never know what people might get up to while your back is turned!

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