Listen Up, Non-Gay Men of America:

It’s probably time to stop acting gay:

The male resistance to waxing is melting away

Straight men should not obsess over their body hair. This is not to say that they should cease grooming. I understand that just about everyone has some hair where they don’t want it to be. Absolutely, keep yourself groomed. I’m all in favor. However, when an entire industry forms around your back hair, that’s where I have to get off the bus, fellas.

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12 thoughts on “Listen Up, Non-Gay Men of America:

  1. darn straight.

    What is the reason behind wanting men to look like pre-pubescent boys? Men have hair, that’s the way nature intended it to be.

    I definitely don’t want my girlfriend to look like a little girl.

  2. I dunno, guys, I’ve seen some men with incredibly hairy backs. Chest hair is not so much a big deal, but a carpeted back? Gross.

  3. While I agree that back hair can be gag-worthy, I still can’t get on board with the whole male waxing thing. I mean, you wax one guy’s back, and where does it end? It’s insanity, I tell you.

    But if you absolutely have to wax the back, for God’s sake, leave the chest and privates ALONE! Please! For the love of hederosexual women everywhere.

  4. As a very hairy guy, I feel it’s necessary to wax my back. The decision to do this wasn’t taken lightly. I personally don’t give a crap whether or not I have a hairy back, and if I lived on Man-Island and women were shipped in for breeding once a month, my back would be as hairy as all get-out. But since I actually have to attract women, I get the motherfucking thing waxed. The rest of my very hairy body remains clean and groomed but unwaxed. Apparently women can handle hair on the chest, on the legs, even on the ass, but not on the back. I have no idea why, but this fact is attached intimately to my self-esteem.

  5. It’s your fault, you know. Women, I mean, not you personally. If men could continute to look like homo erectus and still get stares at the beach, well, then we would. Never underestimate the power of one man’s laziness.

    But no… we can’t have that. You say you hate the idea of a man waxing, but admit it … when you are at the beach, or the park, or the pool, or whereever you go to watch men disrobe and the guy on the towel in front of you flips over and shows you his beautiful carpeted back, you roll your eyes and think to yourself, “For Gawd’s sake put a shirt on!”

    Women get the high ground on sex, men get the high ground on vanity. We all care about it just the same, it’s just that 200k years ago, when we were out smacking dinos around (not that you couldn’t) you gals came up with a plan to pretend like you don’t want sex as much as us. So we retaliatied, pretending we don’t care about magazines and movies and that whole scene. But, at night, we cry, too.

  6. Poor Jayman. I never knew you were so sensitive. It's okay, let it out. And you can tell us how much you loved A&E's "Pride and Prejudice." We won't judge.

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