I have fixed the archives, because I am a genius. RSS coming soon, I hope.

In the meantime, big news: in a month or so (an eternity in Internet time, I know, but bear with me) you will be viewing a whole new Smash. I’m hiring a company to redesign the site so that it’s extra shiny and pretty and nice. So here’s what I need from you: taglines. This is the little snippet that appears under my mugshot. I’m out. It’s embarrassing enough to spend half my free time writing about myself. I can’t also be expected to come up with a soundbite, you know? So any thoughts are much appreciated.

First prize: My ever-lasting devotion.

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11 thoughts on “YAY!

  1. How about…Mmm. Mmm. Good.

    I’m just joking, but that was always my suggestion for new client taglines at my old job. Maybe that’s why I don’t work there anymore. Anyhow, I will ponder this those late, late nights when I can’t seem to fall asleep and maybe, just maybe I’ll come up with something good.

  2. Jennie Smash…..for the times when you really wanted a mocha frapachino but all you had was a pennie for a thought.

    (cheeze please?)

  3. Ha! I already have your everlasting devotion! You’ll have to do better than that, but here goes anyway.

    Jennie Smash: I’m smarter than anyone.

    Love, Ma Smash



    laughter is the music of love


    bIG GIrl


    my brains melted on the F-Train
    I scooped it all up, but somehow left my pons behind. anyone seen my pons… I can’t go out without my pons.

  5. Tagline: Jennie Smash– Dead on Balls Accurate.

    (a product of thinking about a tagline while My Cousin Vinny is on.)

  6. “Blue Comedy Collared Tour”

    ’cause you’re occasionally profane, often funny, and dress like an anime super-hero.

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