Come In With The Milk. Come In With The Milk. Come In With The Milk.

I just saw The Aviator on DVD, and I don’t know what people were talking about: Howard Hughes was completely sane, and anyone who says differently is totally riddled with syphilis and staph.

It’s true that I have been accused, now and then, of hypochondria. However, I see nothing in the least strange about waiting beside a bathroom door until someone comes in and spares me having to touch the doorknob myself. And as for repetitive thoughts … dear God don’t get me started. I mean, please, I’m begging you: Don’t get me started.

On another note, isn’t Leonardo DiCaprio supposed to be, like 30 years old now? Even in his burn makeup in the last half of the movie, he looked like someone I could be arrested for viewing in the altogether. That dirty Gisele. Guess she likes ’em young.

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I'm a freelance writer and editor.

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