City stink, etc.

One of my lovely commenters (and I do love you all, I do, I do) posted the following excellent question:

smash, so tell us, what do you think of the lovely odor that is “NYC in the summer”? whenever i am in the city in spring, fall, and even winter, i think “wow, this really is a lovely place.” Then i make sure i journey back there in the summer, and 5 minutes of the rotting flesh/fish in the 100 degree heat and oppressive humidity brings me back to reality.

i am not sure i have ever noted such a pungent odor in any other major metropolis, have you?

In answer to your question, I love it. This may be because I am rather new here (and feel brand new, given that today was my first day of work, and tomorrow will be my first day in my own apartment). But I think my tolerance for the city stink has more to do with the fact that I like cities in general and New York in particular. You know how , when you’re in love, you’ll look at the object of your affection and think, “That is the ugliest shirt I have ever seen on a human. Awwww.”? Well, that’s sort of how I feel about NYC summer stank. It’s pretty bad, but then, I understand that there’s a restaurant here that serves nothing but peanut butter sandwiches, and there’s a salon that only cuts curly hair. The bars are open latelatelate, which is when I prefer to be up, and you can act however you like, because no one really gives a shit, and also, there’s a homeless man peeing in a phone booth two feet to your right.

Also, the smell isn’t rotting flesh/fish: It’s dog crap, exhaust, garbage and sublimated subway rat. And yet my adoration persists.

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4 thoughts on “City stink, etc.

  1. haha! you nailed it. those of us who’ve lived in NYC for years are humbled 🙂 I just added your blog to my links. Can wait for your first post about work.

  2. great response smash! it is an amazing place, and while the odor does get to me, it does have a ton to offer.

    great points.

  3. I think it’s interesting how when you’re walking along in NYC you move in and out of the stank. “La-di-da, what a beautiful day … holy s**t, what’s that smell … hmm, gone now … Oh, there it is again …” and so on. Good times!

  4. I fear you were meant to live in NYC. Those of us left in Boston feel the loss. So glad you’re happy!
    Love, Ma Smash

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