5 thoughts on “Weather report

  1. Don’t go down to a subway station then. Not only will all of your hair fall out, there’s a good chance you’ll actually melt.

  2. smash, so tell us, what do you think of the lovely odor that is “NYC in the summer”? whenever i am in the city in spring, fall, and even winter, i think “wow, this really is a lovely place.” Then i make sure i journey back there in the summer, and 5 minutes of the rotting flesh/fish in the 100 degree heat and oppressive humidity brings me back to reality.

    i am not sure i have ever noted such a pungent odor in any other major metropolis, have you?

  3. Oh ho ho! I sure have. Have you ever heard of the “Tacoma Aroma?” Year-round, baby, year-round.

  4. Pungent? I’ll tell you about pungent! In the summer, the otherwise absolutely lovely North End of Boston has about 5 huge festivals. At each, food vendors set up large booths, then leave the grease to soak into the street instead of washing up. So this place smells like rotten, festering fried dough (think of dead skunk, age about 3 weeks on a hot, wet city street, flavor liberally by dog). Man, I can’t think of anything worse and this is one of the two most beautiful cities in the country (harbor, no heavy industry, public access to miles of inner city shoreline, miles of riverwalks and the emerald necklace of Frederick Law Olmstead tying the whole thing together.) But it still stinks because people won’t move out of their parking spaces so the streets can be washed. I put ear plugs in my nose and breathe through a puffs-plus.

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