Coming out of retirement

That’s right, my little pals, I’m employed! More updates soon enough, although not specifically about the job. Ever since one of the directors at my last company came up to me and announced, “HEY. I FOUND YOUR BLOG,” I’ve been extra careful not to discuss specifics. Suffice to say that I have not been forced into prostitution, nor will I be required to ask anyone if they’d like fries with that. That is, unless the company I’m working for has any financial setbacks, in which case … last hired, first fired. Ha ha ha! Oh boy.

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9 thoughts on “Coming out of retirement

  1. Smash, my only comment would be, if your real name is in fact jen hubley, how long do you think it will be before someone at your new job googles your name and gets 100 hits from “jennie smash” and “black table”.

    If you really dont want anyone to know about the blog, you will probably have to post under an alias. I didnt realize how many people make it SOP to google their coworkers, but lets just say it was a very high %.

    But to close, congratulations on your new job! and my above comments werent intended to get you to tell the name of the company, but i thought i would mention it anyway.

  2. Oh, they already know about the ol’ bloggy blog. I’m not worried about that. But thank you for your concern.

    Also: wouldn’t it be awesome if I had chosen “Jen Hubley” as a pseudonym? How would I even arrive at such a bland nom de Web?

  3. that would be funny, i like the name jenn hubley, it has an understated elegance to it.

    glad to hear you have it under control, i have a blogger friend who was “discovered” by his colleagues and it led to a considerable amount of ribbing and unnecessary turmoil.

    good luck in your new gig!

  4. Hey, guess what – I just went into retirement. I couldn’t really say it on my blog since the boss men read it, but basically they asked me to not come in this week…or ever. I’m ok with it. Really I am. I just know good things are around the bend.

  5. Congrats!

    ::giggles:: my real name is far too unique to use in my blog. And there’s no way I ever want my boss reading it, even though I don’t blog about work.

  6. Yeah, I’m ok. I was kind of expecting it actually and I’m not upset about it all. I wasn’t really happy there anymore, so it’s kind of a relief that I don’t have to go back. Of course, the part that sucks is not having a steady paycheck. Oh, well, that’s life.

  7. Grats on the un-retirement. I assume you found a job in NY?

    And I bet a dollar that “anonymous” above-there is actually one of your interviewers! :p

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