Business matters

As you can see, I have changed blog templates. This is hopefully prior to a proper redesign, but God only knows how long that will take. Anyway, I’ve added a links section. If you’re a pal of mine, either in the real world or online, and I’ve left you off, drop me a line.

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I'm a freelance writer and editor.

6 thoughts on “Business matters

  1. wow! I’m Jennie Smash’s friend! This is great! I feel like so much less of a stalker checking your blog 6 times a day now…

    But also it creates a problem, because the reason I was using to not have links to my friends on my blog was because Jennie Smash didn’t have any. CRAP!

  2. Golightly: You ARE famous.

    Bev: My pleasure!

    Amberance: Oh, goodness, don’t let me force you into fiddling with templates. Tell your friends that unemployment drove me to it.

    Pye: Git fucked, you Canadian bastard.

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