Change and more change

Lots of upheaval right now among my friends and associates. People are getting new jobs, or moving, or going on fabulous trips, or getting awards, or publishing books, and so on. I personally have not seen 95% of my stuff for several months now, as I float between countries and cities and apartments and houses and buses and trains and varying degrees of fuzzy-headed bewilderment. I don’t even know where I live anymore. I don’t even know where my friends live.

A moment ago, I was going through my contacts, trying to figure out if everything is up to date, and I just wasn’t sure, in some cases. And we’re not even talking about people I talk to once or twice a year. Some of these folks are my friends. They’re the people I’d call if I wound up in jail in Tijuana. But I don’t know their ZIP codes. This is very disconcerting to me, as I am a psycho list-making Type A personality. This is not how things are supposed to be.

Anyway, my major point is that I’m sorting out a lot of my own contact list confusion right now, so if you know me in real life, you can probably expect an update sometime soon. Please God.

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2 thoughts on “Change and more change

  1. Jennie —

    Check out It’s a free web-based address book, and you can have it email all your friends, asking them for address/phone number updates, even birthdays! Pretty cool, provided your friends actually bother to fill out the info (probably a 76% success rate).


  2. As Ms. Smash gets ready to head to the big(ger) city, on behalf of everyone who has had the pleasure of working (professionally, and no, not in THAT way) with her during the past few years, let me say it’s been a true joy. Her work will of course be missed, but her beauty, wit and charm will simply never be replaced. And, well, the unintentional comedy was pretty good too.

    Fortunately, thanks to, she’ll never be very far away.

    Good luck Jen!

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