D’à Paris !

Et si, comme nous disons, je suis sur la lacune. Je boirai le vin, je mangerai du fromage. Je parlerai le très petit français, parce que je ne parle pas français. En fait, j’ai traduit cette poste entière utilisant Babblefish.

Je suis un petit nerveux d’est loin de l’Internet pour une semaine entière, et je vous manquerai tout formidablement. Quand vous vous sentez solitaire pour les mises à jour régulières, vérifiez cette entrée et vous rappelle que je suis exactement le genre de blogger prétentieux qui poste dans les langues qu’elle ne parle pas.

Vous voir dans une semaine! Au revoir!

[TRANSLATION, also courtesy of Babblefish: And if, as let us say us, I am on the gap. I will drink the wine, I will eat cheese. I will speak the very small French, because I do not speak French. Indeed, I translated this entire post using Babblefish.

I am a small nervous one of is far internet for an entire week, and I will lack you all tremendouy. When you feel solitary for the update uniform, verify this entry and you recall that I am exactly the kind of pretentious blogger that posts in the languages that she does not speak.

You to see in a week! Good-bye!]

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

8 thoughts on “D’à Paris !

  1. The Babelfish double- (or triple-) translations make for some outrageously funny text! Long before that, however, Mark Twain translated his story about the Jumping Frog of Calaveras County into French, and then word-for-word back to English, a la Babelfish. If you haven’t read it, get hold of it sometime–it’s laugh-out-loud funny!

    Have fun in Paris. I’ll be there about a year from now and can’t wait.

  2. Jennie,
    It says you can register at Babelfish but that sounds like a lot of effort. I’d have to type my e-mail and shit. How do you say “I have a bellybutton” in French? I need to know ASAP, so ask some French guy or something.
    And then knock his beret off.
    DO IT NOW.

  3. That would be “j’ai un bouton de ventre,” my pal. At least according to our friends at Babblefish.

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